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Efforts to raise awareness of the Center for agriculture, food and environment and its flow units, water resources and the UMass Research Center extension take many forms. But they have a common goal: to educate and inform the people, communities and businesses on issues of interest and concern, academic resources UMass Amherst and other sources. Forms may apply to a single twilight interval on a farm in Massachusetts for the results of a field test of a series of pages of workshops for several weeks. Our intention is to recognized needs public priorities related to complete sections of interest, that attract us. Agriculture and commercial extension HorticultureUMass Amherst, UMass extension and the agricultural experimental station in Massachusetts were traditional courses for farmers and customers green in Massachusetts, answers, help and information on new research and discoveries. As the homepage of the extension and the centre of agriculture experimental station, food and environment provides a central resource and portal services, it may be useful as a form, a sense for research and awareness and education, work by UMass Amherst teachers and staff, as well as food for wealth download the centre and our many partners and followed. Quick Start Guide for the extension of the commercial horticulture ResourcesEnvironmental, Agriculture and water ConservationThe Centre arrive to work in the fields of environmental protection, conservation, water, energy and nature (as well as the efforts of the research) forest stewardship shown here. For more information on this page is a list of research, public relations and integrated projects. Program 4-0 youth 4-h Youth Development extension market Developmentthe is open to all young people aged 5 to 18 throughout the Commonwealth. It is part of a national system of all African American universities and has access to a variety of resources and programs of study. Massachusetts 4-H, based at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst and has offices in seven regions of the State. For more information. Greg Kowieski plans nutrition extension of the education program to manage effectively for individuals, families and communities, the skills and the knowledge needed for their food resources enjoy healthy eating and physical activity to participate, more support and more on the screw. A healthy way of life producing the children Community aid, its potential to develop, the risk of obesity, chronic diseases, food poisoning and generation vitality, reduce. For more information. ProjectsYou can reach current view a list of the projects in this section our eight related to specific areas of interest looking for, you can search by keyword or examine all projects of our consciousness today. Research and projects integrated-ProjectsThese current knowledge are academic research and the results of the programmes training, fellowships, tools or resources Tehcnologies that integrates the needs of citizens, communities, organizations, businesses, authorities or decision-makers. Water resources projects are the centre of research and extension of UMass, integrated before a three year pilot program and sponsored research (recently IRE) extension.   For more information,.